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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  October 20, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the surprise of a lifetime. a local school burned a visit from the commander in chief. we have an important consumer alert. a popular brand of baby food could be toxic. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you so much for joining us. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with steve rudin. >> another chilly day on the way. plenty of sunshine later on today. temperatures will warm up nicely. 37, frederick. 38 in fairfax. we have a frost advisory until 9:00 this morning. bus stop forecast calls for temperatures in the upper 30's
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to the mid 40's. it will warm up this morning because of the sunshine. let's get an update on this morning's rush-hour commute with lisa baden. >> there has been in a building fire in arlington on south glebe road between seventh street and columbia pike. it sounds like south glebe road is now closed because of this activity. no accidents to report as far as 95 and 395 between the occoquan and the pentagon. there is a crash near the median out of fredericksburg. it is kind of the normal backup starting to grow. traffic on 270 looks ok out of germantown to the beltway. the beltway looks good when you get there. this is live in new hampshire
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avenue. >> thank you. and espionage arrests right in our backyard. >> federal agents raided the chevy chase home of stewart nozette. they say the government scientist tried to sell classified information to agents. he will appear in court today. >> during his career as a scientist, he worked at the department of energy, the pentagon, even the white house. monday night, federal agents raided his home. >> we would like to have an explanation. >> neighbors say they only knew of no nozette as the rocket scientist who kept to himself. >> it is hard to believe something like that could go on in our neighborhood. >> his work earned him access to some of the most sensitive
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secrets. authorities allege an fbi agents worked out a deal with knows that in which he would exchange highly classified information for cash. he provided top-secret information that -- he allegedly told the agent -- according to authorities, he netted $11,000 for the information. the information could cause grave damage to national security. >> i never had reason to believe he was involved in espionage. he was an odd guy. >> th complaint does not allege that anyone acting on its behalf committed any sense.
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police are investigating a double shooting that left a man dead. this happened on g street anin san southeast. one adult was found dead. a juvenile was in critical condition. big developments expected today in afghanistan. hamid karzai it is expected to announce he is ready for a runoff. investigators have thrown out nearly 1/3 of his vote, bring him below the 50% needed for a runoff. this could delay president obama' decision to send more troops to afghanistan >>.
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57% approved of these so- called public option. 45% approve of the current plan going through congress. a health care bill may not reach the senate floor until next week at the earliest. lawmakers are trying to merge two very different versions of that bill. cable be asked to have a revised cost analysis. the district will hold a series of free swine flu clinics. there will be one tonight at two area high schools. there are four pregnant women and for people from six months up to 24 years old.
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there is a spike of illnesses at montgomery county schools. this is because of swine flu illnesses. 38 montgomery county schools reported absentee rates in the double digits yesterday's with thousands of students calling out sick. all of the schools remain open. there is a national baby call recall. apple and care baby food is being voluntarily recalled. it was sold that toys "r" us stores across because country. no illnesses have been reported. 5:07, up 41 degrees outside. >> metro bus drivers behaving
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badly? >> it is not a safe feeling. if you have to ride the bus, you have to ride the bus. >> we will tell you about a safety investigation. >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute.
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a good tuesday morning to you. a cold start to wear tuesday. temperatures in the 30's for the most part. we have a frost advisory for this area. bowie, good morning to joanne. they will look for plenty of sunshine for today. temperatures just near 70 degrees. lots of sunshine. very nice. winds out of the west at five to 10 miles per hour. >> we have an arlington fire and glebe road. it is closed between seventh street and columbia pike. not much movement as far as traffic on the beltway. we're good as far as traffic in northeast, southeast, on 95, between dale city and baltimore.
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>> thank you. metro once your input on how to close a projected $144 million budget gap next year. ridership is down and costs are going up. there are looking and raising fares. d.c. residents got to weigh in at a meeting last night. virginia residents will get a chance tomorrow. only 41 degrees. some say ride at your own risk. >> they rocked fedex field. now u2 is taking over youtube. >> the latest onhe balloon boy. >> the latest onhe balloon boy.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. in our top stories, a maryland scientist accused of espionage will appear in court today. stewart nozette is charged with selling top-secret information for $11,000. he was arrested yesterday.
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>> formal charges against a family accused of that balloon hoax may not come until next week. investigators are still looking for records to see who else could be involved in this. the whole story was based on, police say. >> hamid karzai is expected to can see that he lacks the 50% vote he needs to avoid a runoff election. thousands of votes were not valid. he could agree to a new election or a power sharing deal. metro bus and train operators may be putting your safety risk. >> an investigation finds bus and train operators committed 40 safety violations over the past five years. there were over 600 incidents of distracted driving and nearly
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300 speeding violations. >> i am very concerned about every violation, everything that puts a passenger or anyone else into jeopardy of an accident. >> out of all of those violations, only 18 drivers had been fired. we asked for an interview but they have not responded. 5:16 is your time. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. lisa baden is standing by. welcome back. >> thank you. good to be here. nice to have a good start to this morning's rush hour. green bars for everyone. a smooth ride on 66 eastbound. a nice trip along 270. there is plenty of traffic streaming its way. headlights out of frederick to head to the beltway. we had over to steve rudin.
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>> a beautiful morning on the way. 36 degrees in leesburg. 38 in fairfax. a frost advisory remains in effect until 9:00 this morning. plenty of sunshine will warm are temperatures into the 40's and 50's. hardly any clouds to speak of. mainly to the northwest and central pennsylvania. high pressure dominates for the next couple of days. our temperatures will warm to near 70 degrees. a cold front on friday to bring us some thunderstorms. lots of sunshine today. temperatures near 70 degrees. another cool evening tonight. upper 30's to the low to mid 40's. tomorrow, a bit warmer. but look at the extended outlook.
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temperatures are warming nicely. then a cooldown on friday. a cold front on saturday. >> thank you. u2 are taking over youtube. >> you can make sure you're getting the most for your money. >> a new way to find the right gadgets purdue. a new website looks to simplify the process of sorting through electronics. measy tells you the best gadget for you. it covers tvs and cameras. the nba season tips off tonight. that means new basketball at the new games. the most popular games were put to the test head to head. >> what it excels that is the long franchise mode. if you want to be the general
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manager and take a team all the way from the preseason to the finals covering all the details and salary cap, that is the game for you. the other game is the best will game you want to apply if you like to play one player. it all comes down to what kind of player you are. both are very good. >> both games are available now. how distracting cell phones while walking can be. researchers found cell phones users were more likely to be oblivious to their surroundings. they were half as will likely to notice a cloud on a unicycle. -- a clown on a unicycle. u2 on youtube. it will broadcast a concert live on youtube.
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the concert -- >> they are taking over television. >> still ahead, be sidelined drama continues after jim zorn gets stripped of some control. how will the head coach work with his new play-caller? " later on "oprah," sex as a deadly weapon. five victims speak out right here on abc 7.
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good morning. it has been an incredible couple of days for the redskins. jim zorn was confronted by vinny cerrato and given an ultimatum. this may signal the beginning of the end for the coach. his body language screamed his displeasure. >> i can comply with this because of the lack of scoring. >> jim zorn is not comfortable with this move. he had to come to grips with it. sherm wis is the new play- caller. >> he has been here for two weeks. we will give him as much help as we can. >> generally you have some
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plate-callers that are doing this for years and years. this is a quick change for us. >> lewis will call the plays from the coaches' box. can zorn veto a play? yes, he said. but he said he will not do that. >> i am willing to try it. let's see -- i want to go hard and see how this works. >> we will watch and unveil monday night as the redskins take on the philadelphia eagles. have a great day. >> talk about a power struggle. >> it will be really tough for those people to work together. >> and then the players to figure that out. fingers crossed. investors will be watching technology stocks. >> linda bell is back with your business headlines.
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welcome back. >> we will be watching technology stocks. we're talking about apples and texas instruments. apple's shares rose yesterday. revenue topped estimates. it was fueled by orders for i pospods and mac computers. this indicates the electronic components industry is in recovery mode. stock index futures are indicating higher. targets is following suit with walmart and amazon and reducing prices of books with free shipping. that is your business news. and live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. doug and alison, back to you.
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>> linda bell, thank you very much. 5:26. the news continues. >> a special lunch guests. what brought the leader of the free world to a local classroom. >> a family's pleas for a safe return. the virginia tech student is missing. >> the first doses of the h1n1 virus will be available today. >> i am steve rudin. a beautiful tuesday on the way. a cold start. a beautiful tuesday on the way. a cold start. .
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i'm steve shannon, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. in this attack ad, ken cuccinelli says, "it's a study in contrasts and judgment," and it is. steve shannon was a fairfax county prosecutor who convicted hundreds of drunk drivers. ken cuccinelli has no experience as a prosecutor. and ken cuccinelli opposed tougher penalties for repeat drunk drivers. he said, quote, "a suspect might not recall a previous dui arrest." that's the true contrast.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," oyour side. your time now on this tuesday morning is 5:30. welcome back. >> your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. a chilly start. >> it is. more sun today. >> on away. we had rain and clouds.
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we will take what we can get. -- on the way. temperatures will warm to near 70 degrees. outside, a cool start. 36 in leesburg. gaithersburg, 36. temperatures will be in the low to mid 40's with areas of frost. we will look for sunshine later this morning. temperatures will warm nicely to near 70 degrees. >> it is interesting morning. pierre is a house fire in arlington. glebe road -- there is a house fire in arlington. parts of glebe road are close. this is montgomery village avenue. police are directing folks right in the middle of the intersection. we will take you to springfield. left side is heading northbound on 95. no problems between
5:31 am
fredericksburg and springfield. >> thank you. we continue to follow breaking news out of the district. police are investigating a double shooting that left a man dead. new video is in. it happened in the 4900 block of g street about 2:30 this morning. police found one adults dead. the shooting followed some sort of argument. we will have more information as details become available. some d.c. residents can get their free swine flu shots. >> pamela brown has more on that. good morning. >> priority patients will finally have a chance to get inoculated in the district today. there will be two clinics from 5:00 until 9:00 tonight.
5:32 am
the swine flu was spreading rapidly. these vaccines cannot come soon enough. 38 schools reported absentee rates in the double digits for montgomery county. people work -- kids were kept home as a precaution. >> my whole family has it. everyone is coughing. >> if i found out that 20% of her class was home, i would keeper home as a precaution. >> the decision to keep kids home from school is up to the parents. it is a recommendation. there will be vaccination clinics ever wednesday in montgomery county. there will be two clinics tonight in d.c. from 5:00 until 9:00. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a swine flu vaccine shortage
5:33 am
is causing some problems in virginia. 10 clinics in fairfax have been counseled because there's not enough vaccine from the manufacturer. police are looking for a virginia tech student who has been missing since saturday. morgan harrington weighs about one and 20 pounds. she was last seen near the john paul jones arena in charlottesville worse yet attended a metallica concert. >> if morgan is out there and here is us, please come home. if someone has morgan, please let her go. >> harrington was last seen earing a black t-shirt wearing " that said "pantera."
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a court is refusing to reconsider a recent ruling. last year in an effort to reduce crime, police stopped cars, refusing to allow people in who did not prove they could live there. they're considering taking the case to the supreme court. jim graham 1 no longer be overseeing the taxicab industry. he give up his responsibilities yesterday. this comes after his chief of staff was accused of accepting bribes. we turn now to the base for virginia governor. bob mcdonnell and creigh deeds will go head-to-head later tonight in their final debate before election day. it starts at 7:00 p.m. at roanoke college.
5:35 am
it will be televised live. deeds is getting pretty high- profile campaign support. bill clinton will join him in mclean this afternoon. also joining them, terry mcauliffe, who dietz defeated in the democratic primary. residents of maryland are likely to face another steep increase in water rates. they need up to an 11% increase. you will pay an extra $74 a year. they set a limit to 9.9% sun, an extra $68 a year. it was a big surprise for kids apple viers mill elementary school in silver spring. they got a surprise visit from president obama. >> it was pretty cool.
5:36 am
he chose us on of all the people in the country. >> mr. obama said he went to that school because of an amazing turnaround in test scores. nearly half the third graders scored low. this year, there was a 99% proficiency rate. the uncelebrated for closing the achievement gap for minority students and other students. they have done a great job. >> they will remember that for the rest of their lives. 40 degrees. >> still ahead, a story drivers when not want to miss. we'll tell you how technology could help prevent car crashes and save thousands of lives. >> will be a runoff election in afghanistan? i will have that story coming up. i thought it was crazy feeding in the fal
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>> hello. i am usually in poolesville, maryland. come out for the scariest haunts in this day. >> good morning, washington! a good morning it is. a cold start to wear tuesday.
5:40 am
temperatures in the 30's and low to mid 40's. we will look to lafayette elementary school, currently 44 degrees. germantown, 42. 36 in herndon. the wind is not much of a factor. that is why we have the frost advisory this morning. we will have a bright sunshine, a nice day ahead. temperatures around 70 degrees. let's check the rush-hour commute. >> it is a good morning, especially for virginia commuters. 95, 66, i-395, the dulles toll road are all good. growing client. kind of what you would expect. this is a i-395 past duke street up to seminary road. running light in volume.
5:41 am
this is mogomery county. always theottest ticket in town. headlights are leaving the ikea towards 270. we will run back inside. >> thank you. a new report says if four high-tech safety features were used, many crashes could be prevented. one is a collision warning system that warns the driver to hit the brakes if the car is about to strike another vehicle. the others include a blind spot warning and adaptive headlights. good stuff. it would help a lot of people. >> absolutely. still ahead, "dancing with the stars" turned into "dancing with disease." >> we will have the latest on
5:42 am
your top stories. a local scientistcienti
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. checking ourop stories. a maryland scientist accused of espionage or will appear in court today. stewart nozette is charged with attempting to sell top-secret information to israel for $11,000. he was arrested yesterday after making it the deal with an fbi agent pretending to be an israeli spy. >> connecticut police are getting ready to make an arrest. jasper howard was killed outside
5:46 am
of a homecoming dance. the huskies will resume practicing today. >> president obama is awarding the presidential citation 2 6 veterans for heroism in vietnam. there rescued 100 comrades on the cambodian border back in 1970. adrian fenty said he takes responsibility for the mismanagement of the hiv-aids office. from 2004 to 2008, the health department awarded more than $25 million to nonprofit groups that questionable spending were provided substandard care. >> the point of having this press conference, it should have happened a long time ago. blame me. >> we are not going to permit this kind of fraud and abuse to happen anywhere in this
5:47 am
government. >> officials have made several changes to the office. they have instituted a competitive grants process. 5:47. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we begin with steve rudin with the latest on what sounds like a wonderful afternoon. >> it will be really nice out there, about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. we will have a nice days until the end of the work week. leesburg, 36. 38 in fairfax. 37 in baltimore. a freeze -- a frost advisory in effect for the entire viewing area until 9:00. last night, it did not include the district. the frost will gradually wear away. a lot of sunshine. high pressure will dominate our
5:48 am
forecast. temperatures will warm up to near 70 degrees today. wind out of the west-southwest. on thursday, it will be nice. maybe some thunderstorms by friday as a cold front approaches from the west. today, as good as it wgets. scattered clouds tonight. not as cold as it has been. temperatures fall to the upper 30's to the mid 40's. tomorrow, warmer. lower 70 pop. -- lower 70's. temperatures in the mid 70's on thursday. a cold front will bring increased clouds. it is associated with a cold front. there could be some thunderstorms on friday.
5:49 am
by sunday and monday, we will have cooler and drier conditions once again. not quite as warm as we are experiencing this week. nighttime lows go to around 50- 53 degrees. let's checkpoint rush-hour commute. >> they call it a rush hour. are we? for the time being, i guess we are. along 95 and theip in and out of baltimore. this is 270 traffic. live southbound at middlebrook road. in looks like they are running at speed leaving 109 to get to the beltway. things are good at the beltway. 66, 95. lo at all of those head lights along 95. there is some ply and picking
5:50 am
up. i will take you live to the dulles greenway, the dulles toll road. it looks like it's moving in relatively good shape. >> thank you. this is happening everywhere. and now "dancing with the stars" was a fight against the flu. at least two of the professional dancers were sick. as for the competition, it is anyone's game. donny osmond donnymyand mya received top scores. one couple will head home tonight. everyone has the flu. >> you just wait for your time. >> they are in top physical conditions and they are still getting sick. >> rhode island. the fertility doctor of octomom
5:51 am
has been kicked out of the organization for repeatedly violating the group's standards. the doctor implanted her with six embryos, a far more than national guidelines specify. i always thought her doctor have to be the ultimate culprit in this thing. it is a good thing professional organizations are recognizing that. >> i never saw that shot before with the two strollers. >> i have a helmet. >> it is a horse helmet. >> i am promoting the international horse show at the verizon. they sent me this nice helmet to wear. [laughter] they set up stables on f street so it is kind of traffic-
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related. >> we got it. >> you look good in that hat. time for tim
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( sighs ) ( music throughout ) hey bets, can i borrow a quarter sure, still not dry? i'm trying to shrink them. i lost weight and now some clothes are too big. how did you do it? simple stuff. eating right and i switched to whole grain. whole grain... studies show that people who eat more whole grain tend to have a healthier body weight. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains... and 110 calories per lightly sweetened serving. more grains. less you. multigrain cheerios. the government in afghanistan has been in limbo for days. that may be about to change. >> hamid karzai it is expected to announce he will go along with a runoff election.
5:55 am
nearly 1/3 of his votes were thrown out. >> it is an about-face in world away that could have serious repercussions here and at home. the president of afghanistan will likely announce he will agree to wait runoff in the disputed election. he initially opposed it. the heat has been turned up. >> i think it's up to the afghans to make this a legitimate. >> more than 1 million votes were thrown out. >> we expect the independent election commission to implement those orders so we can move towards a final result or a runoff. >> troop increase request will wait until the election is
5:56 am
resolved. >> this is a big part of our strategic review. we want a new government that can represent the partnership we are seeking as a move forward. >> gates contradicted the administrations's position. president obama may have to finalize his policy even if the election results remains contested. a power-sharing agreement between cartright and his closest challenger may be the way forward. -- between hamid karzai and his closest challenger and maybe the way forwa. bathroom blues. >> it is gross. -- bathroom booze. there is some unsanitary sales at fedex field.
5:57 am
>> lisa baden is coming back to help you navigate your tuesday morning commute. ( piano music playing ) by putting an end to paper medical records, we have ushered health into the digital age. saving lives, sometimes when seconds count. managing chronic conditions. making amazing new discoveries. and, oh yes, saving a lot of trees.
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kaiser permanente. thrive. a suspected spy busted. an accused american trader makes his first court appearance. we'relearning more about what led to his arrest. >> it is the district's chance
5:59 am
to get vaccinated. >> we have an important consumer alert. a popular brand of baby food could be toxic. we continue right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. 6:00. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good morning, everybody. great to have you joining us. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> steve rudin is filling in for brian this morning. >> another cool start to our tuesday morning. high pressure will dominate our forecast for the next few days. 36 in gaithersburg. fairfax, 38 degrees. mid 30's in the mountains. we do have a frost advisory


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